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70's Dance Party [entries|friends|calendar]
lick it up baby, LICK IT UP

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look at him there swingin his hair theres something about him i just cant see [04 Jan 2003|12:38pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

from now on friends only pal

**add me and ill add ya back, you know how it goes:D
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sweet marie theres a hole where your heart should be, on the hill shes beggin for harmony [03 Jan 2003|03:16pm]
[ mood | longing ]

OoOh you need to be loved!

well i had a lovely conversation
with bryce last night..for like 3
hours i would say..geeze all is well
i am very very happy now
made blue berry muffins last night i am
in heaven mmmm i love muffins...well brownies more
but we didnt have any and very fattening....haha
maybe i should leave you with picutes...humm
*rubs chin*

random picsCollapse )

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[03 Jan 2003|04:39am]
its like 4:30 and im still up talking to bryce,...
i better go to bed soon before my parents wakes up and
yells at me
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i wish i was with you, i wish you were here, i wish apon a star [03 Jan 2003|01:44am]
[ mood | in pain ]

how can you not miss us? how can you look at all the memories, all the feelings,all the moments and turn
your head? how can this not hurt you? how dose one move on?
especailly after this why am i asking you this..i dont know you tell me

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through the stars somewhere i know we are together tonight [02 Jan 2003|08:41pm]
[ mood | alone ]

i got all ready all pretty

spankyCollapse )

and now, no where to go..pssh

i just want to scream
i have all this anger/hurt/pain/loneliness building up
inside me and i just want to scream it all out
i can feel it in my gut

*help me please! god help me*

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i dont feel like im falling down, just say hello to the ground, we could talk if days werent so fast [02 Jan 2003|07:52pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

went to the ymca, for 2 hours
i ran the whole time
it kept saying "youve been on here for 25 minutes, would you like to stay longer?" *press yes button*
"youve been on for 40 minutes, would you like to stay longer?" *press yes button*
and so on i felt weird when i got offbut not as bad as when i was on for 4 hours that one time,..but i guess im just out of shape now..go figure i gained 10 pounds! jeeeuumus!

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i dont know what it is i see in you, wonder if ill always be with you... [01 Jan 2003|07:27pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

new years was good
me and jansens christmas gift
was returned to us
wanted to hang out with jansen today but
oh well, dyed my hair finally black all black
and im happy, thoughs stupid streaks sucked ass!
went to restaurant today,
everyone boycott red robin
its horrible service we had to give the lady a .6 tip
she was one of the biggest bitches..ive met..well maybe not that bad but the 6th time she snaped at me i wanted to cry!
actually now that i think of it i didnt have
a great new years..kissed 2 guys anthony and joel, and like 5 girls i like girls better hehe just my wifee, and kelsey

i took a picture of a really hot girl at the mall today
she seemed alittle freaked out that i told her she was
hot and i wanted a picture but flattered at the same time
i assured her i wasnt gay

bam!Collapse )
i have a bunch of pictures of my lord of the rings adventure, and other stuff ill post them later im really not up for it right now..by th by im mary hell yes!

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i know what your going to say about me here you saw me drinking away, yeah you hate me [31 Dec 2002|02:44pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

bed sounds good under the covers
its the best place when you want to hide
from the world. from anyone,
go to bed conceal your face
with the blackness of your sheets
turn up the radio baby no one will hear you now.
dont cry now you dont want to look pathetic.
theres no use in going out having fun
when your heart is in pieces on your floor
theres no use in all this crap
well jump on the big band wagon because your so-cal,
im running as fast as i can, im running as fast as i run

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let me take this awkward saw run it against your thighs, cut some flesh away and carry this peice [29 Dec 2002|09:34pm]
[ mood | content ]

of you with me

ok finally got out of the house today
dear lord i needed it
the bridge was amazing
i worshiped so hard! haha
then after jansen, stacy, and i went to in'n out
that was fun
<3Collapse ) good times at the in n out

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ill be the one to listen to your radio [28 Dec 2002|04:02pm]
[ mood | creative ]

boring day again on tuesday me and anthony are going to go see lord of the rings again, if anyone wants to come with us your welcome just call me and we'll set it up:D

didnt get to go anywhere today i wanted to go to the peace walk with aleiha on main street but noooo! that would have be really cool, i could have taken pictures and what not and i really have a say on this war crap.

**been listenin to ben kweller like non stop i love that guy

-kelsey: read your spin magazine theres this thing about courtney love in it and she talks about how fab&albert and ryan adams come to see her, and she calls tham all gay its horrible.

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welcome to mr smileys [27 Dec 2002|07:40pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

omg i had such a boring day! i did nothing and now my parents are watching american beauty for the first time..hhaaha they dont know what they're in for

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dont turn around to cast the time away..but you dont know [27 Dec 2002|05:44pm]
[ mood | siked ]

couldn't go to harry p today cause leah couldnt go after all
watched 16 candles instead
mom stayed home today that was fun
but i didnt know she did until 1pm when she came in my room telling me to get up
apparently she called earlier and i thought it was a dream
i love that, i actually picked up the phone and talked to her ..and i dont remeber doing that i recall her calling but i thought i was dreaming..so weird
i slept for 13 hours last night/day

i made a bunch of new icons! woot woot im so cool..hahaha!!!

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these walls are paper thin and everyone hears every little sound [27 Dec 2002|02:40pm]
[ mood | pain ]

i cant be belamed for nothing anymore, laugh hard its a long way to the bank. i have pains in my stomac and they wont go away. why do i assume? why dose anyone assume? because its away of be belame free because they were "mis-led" its
only rarely that they assume correctly or closely.
once you figure out what is out there is when
you lose this stress.forever on your own

*you'll have to do with out, you'll have to live with out

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well theres a lot you dont know about me mr smarty man! [26 Dec 2002|11:57pm]
[ mood | cold ]

i have officaily watched 13 movies this
week, tomorrow will be 14, im going to see
harry potter with leah.. i love that girl im
going to tell her all about me flushing down an
8th of "pot"
.. and watch her face naw im sure she
wont care shed just be like wow thats a lot i could
have taken off your hands..yeah i love leah ive known
her sense i was 3 years of age...anywho i just got done watching american beauty i love that movie and now i own it thanks to kelsey thats another girl i love. im bored/done<33

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the neon light from the building to let you know your home [26 Dec 2002|06:52pm]
[ mood | content ]

no, i dont
feel like im fallin
no i dont
feel like im fallin
just say hello to the ground

good day didnt get to see much of the the wifee,
shopped with kelsey for like four hours i didnt
get anything but kelsey bought me stuff, yeah
...i woke up at 6 today 6AM!!!it was worth
it got a new icon! its nicilies bass,
like i said i love the bass and bassists
[whoa thats a lot of s's]to the max!

*i <3 my camera!!!

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im so effing hot i think im going to die...haha and not temperature wise!.lol j/k [25 Dec 2002|11:10pm]
[ mood | content ]

tie your laces
cause there untied,
so are mine
so tie them up
cause if you trip and fall
on broken glass
you'll cut yourself all up
and thats no fun

lalalala ill take you anywhere lalalaaa i take you anywhere

yeah anyway im bored and have to get up early tomorrow..hummm maybe i should go to bed now... its possible

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may i take your picture? i need to complete my shrine [25 Dec 2002|06:19pm]
[ mood | creative ]

ive been taking pictures of stuff for ever
i love having a digital camera!

im looking at old pictures of when i was
like four or five..its weird. i wish i had a
picture of my and my cousin rachel now and put
it up to us then..its crazy to think about..well
to me i guess

i also got a 50 years of fashion book its beautiful

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can i cut a peice of your thiehs so i can carry that peice of you around with me? [25 Dec 2002|02:05pm]
christmas...so far is ok my family isnt that
bad there attention has gone off me to my
cousin and his girlfriend there goths but soo
pretty.my cousin gave me a nuget of pot..
what the hell am i going to do with that
im considering selling it or flushing it.

i got a digital camera go me! im at my
gmas house at the moment in santa barbara
so i guess i should go so

merry christmas everyone! and ill try to get people stuff
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i love the way you do that thing you do [24 Dec 2002|11:00pm]
[ mood | cold ]

i think i have an ear inffection ::sad::
im really cold at the moment as always...
theres no good christmas movies on that bumms me out,
and that fact i have to see my family tomorrow..great
ill be in santa barbara tomorrow and if this was alittle
more then a month ago then i would be all stoked but alittle
to late i guess

-note to self pack a lot of music and tons of batteries

i returned the blue robot book:(..and got kelsey and leah something
i know christmas is tommorrow but, if you want something peoples [besides jansen]
gots to tell me you'll get it later but tell me, so if you dont comment saying
what you want or that you want anything then i wont get you anything! thats i promise

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[24 Dec 2002|12:47pm]
[ mood | cold ]

repTammi01837: Merry XXXmas ;-)

OrangexMnMs: please dont be a porn thing i dont know how to get it through to you people im a girl i dont have interest in looking at other girls!!!

OrangexMnMs: damn you!

i have decided i dont like being at my dads house yes i do get to go places but i am ignored here by my dad, which if you saw us a year or two ago you would be amazed how much things have changed well we didnt have annie in our lifes, i love annie but she changed my dad not purposely but it happened and because im done trying to get the attention i miss, i am the "moody teenager" that is now my role in the house

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